August-September 2013 swing classes
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#We have new beginner and intermediate, Charleston classes starting!

Dates: Saturdays, Aug 10th – Sept 14th
Times: Charleston 1-2 pm, Beginner class 2-3pm, Intermediate class 3-4pm
Costume: Any outfit and flat shoes
Fee: 2400/course (6 weeks)

#We have Charleston and Blues class as well
Dates: Wednesday, Aug 7-Sep 11
Times: Blues 7-8pm, Charleston 8-9pm
Fee: 2400/course (6weeks)

– Student Discount: If you are studying and have a student card, you will receive 30% Discount
– Multi-course discount: If you take 2 courses from above, each course will be 1900 baht only (save 1000 baht)
– Refund: If you miss more than 2 classes, we (want to be kind) and will refund a fixed 400 baht : )!

We are most excited to share swing dancing with you : )!


Our websites: – Bangkok Swing is a group that dances (and lives) in The Hop

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