Space Usage


Agreement: Using Space at The Hop

This document is between The Hop and the customer that will rent the space.  The goal is to create a clear understanding of usage terms at The Hop, located at 252/8 Silom Road, Bangkok.

Space usage terms

  • 1st floor: not available
  • 2nd floor: not available
  • 3rd floor: Available areas include
    • Toilet and changing room
    • Zone A
    • Zone B
  • 4th floor: not available


Operational details

  • Please fill in the form “Form: Using Space at The Hop”
  • Hours to be finalized with The Hop Manager (Young Ji Kim) and customer.
  • Cleaning up shall be clean after every session. Cleaning up includes:
    • No leaving of items at The Hop
    • All assets and equipment used should be well-taken care of
    • Disposal of all trash including the toilet and cigarette buds.
    • Food and drinks are allowed but must be thrown outside of The Hop. Please be very clear to your members.
    • Rearrangement of furniture to the same position as when arrived

Respecting the time and other users

  • We advise that you arrive a few minutes early to fully utilize the time reserved. Please wrap up your session at least 5-minutes early so that the space and people are cleared exactly on time. We will be strict and full-hour charges will occur if time is over-used.
  • Please keep the noise down if another session is taking place since rooms are connected.


Equipment that are allowed/not allowed to use

  • Allowed to use:
    • Air conditioners
      • Zone A: 2 air conditioners
      • Zone B: 2 air conditioners (3 are allowed on show days)
      • Each air conditioner not under 19 degree Celsius
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Sound systems (Amp, Mixer, Speakers, Microphone): need to be instructed before using or else damages will be claimed.
    • Cleanup equipment: mops, trash cans, towels
    • Tissues/Napkins/Soap
  • Not allowed to use:
    • Instruments are not allowed unless the customer rents: Drum set, keyboard, bass amp, guitar amp
    • Bar area and bar equipment

Asset liability

  • If assets are broken, customer will be responsible for replacing the broken item. If asset cannot be replaced, customer will pay the value of the asset.
    • Assets that that customer is responsibility for if broken
      • Glassware, chairs, tables, other loose furniture/decoration, sound system if mismanaged
    • Asset that customer is not responsible for if broken
      • Floor, lighting, air conditioner
      • However, if these items are broken due to physical damage, customer will be responsible
  • The Hop will not be liable for any loss of customer assets. Please keep valuable assets securely. However, we will take the best care of it if it is left at The Hop.

Additional request:

Staff: If you want a staff for the event, one staff may be requested from customer, and expense will be paid by the customer (400-500baht).

Bar: If you want to use the bar, you must request our staff to help with the bar.

Financial terms

  • Please see the “Using space at The Hop” terms
  • Payment must be made in full before renting the space.
  • Refund: if customer uses less hours than agreed, we will refund accordingly. However, if cancellation is less than 24 hours, we will have to charge according to your reservation.

Lastly, thank you very much for your understanding and being interested in using the space at The Hop. We hope you have a great time!

Rental options

Type 1: Art workshop or classes

  • Zone A only: 500baht/hour
  • Zone B only: 800baht/hour
  • Zone A + B: 1000 baht/hour
  • Type 2: Art event
  • Sharing of ticket fee: price to be agreed
    • Please indicate date and time of event in the schedule below
  • Rental for show (Zone A + B): 1500baht/hour


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