Dance Floor Etiquette


  1. Please Be respectful to you partners  
    • Asking for a dance politely: “May I have this dance” or “Would you like to dance?” 
    • Please find the right time to ask someone to dance. do not interrupt the conversation, instead politely wait for a suitable time.
  2. Please be gentle in leading or following with your partners
    • Do not yank. If you feel that your partner is hurting you, kindly ask them to stop the dance and explain to your partner how they’re hurting you.
  3. It is completely okay to say NO
    • if you do not wish to dance with that person at that time
    • IF you need to take a break
    • for any other reason(s).
  4. Please invite beginners to dance as well
    • everyone remembers when they were a beginner and how much a friendly dance means to you. 


  • Be Mindful of your feedback to your dance partner
    • do not offer UNWELCOME advice or criticism to your fellow dancers on the social floor. Instead, enjoy and have fun even if the person is a different level thAn you are. If you were asked to provide feedback, it is better to do so after the dance and in a quiet corner where you can practice together.
    • we highly encourage dancers to work together to improve their swing, but at the right time.


  1. Please make way for partner dance
    • If you are not dancing with a partner, please do not crowd the dance floor.  
    • If you wish to do solo moves or dance by yourself, please do so on the sides of the dance floor.
  2. Traveling to the restrooms 
    • Please stick to the sides of the dance floor, do not walk through the dance floor mid song.


  1. Please maintain your personal hygiene
    • brush your teeth and put on DEODORANT 
  2. Please Bring change of clothes If you are prone to heavy sweating
  3.  appropriate clothing helps avoid contact with sweaty body parts
    • Leads: wear something to cover your shoulders and arms
    • Follows: wear something that will cover your back. 


  1. Support the bar
    • You’re not required to buy alcoholic drinks but please support the bar by purchasing water or soda! (or TIPS!) 
  2. drink responsibly
    • If you do choose to drink make sure you drink responsibly.  If you want to get drunk then do so after you’ve had enough dancing for the night.


  • Clap for the band after the song if you appreciate their music!  
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